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Pommie Tappet
PostPosted: 2016-02-17 6:12 pm    Post subject:

Hi Stephen:

Thanks for addressing our concerns about the search function. We appreciate that you're working hard to ensure that the system provides results with a reasonable expectation of matching.

And we'll let you know, personally, if we run into searches we expect to match specific posts or threads and don't. Thanks for allowing us to address these concerns to you, personally.

We're a creative bunch and, as role-players, we generate a lot of content; so you can certainly understand how vital search is. Thanks for responding.

Best wishes!

PostPosted: 2016-02-17 4:49 pm    Post subject:

I'm not one of the "forum Admins" but I do consider myself a senior member in the guild and feel confident saying many of us GREATLY appreciate your attention to this issue.

I do feel this communique increases the goodwill with GL, at least for me, and having a functional search has been the only major issue I've encountered.

Thanks again.


PostPosted: 2016-02-17 9:16 am    Post subject: Forum Search

Hey everyone. This is Stephen and I'm the founder and primary developer of Gamer Launch. I wanted to directly address your forum search concerns with you all and discuss a bit about how we've communicated with you all about it. First off, we've made improvements to forum search yesterday and we think they will solve the problems you have encountered. We took the system down, reloaded the index with different algorithms and tweaked settings and it is returning much better results in our test queries. We would love your feedback as to whether you all are seeing improvements in actual usage.

Second, I wanted to address a bit of our communication in relation to things being "challenging". As you all mention in this thread (which I found with the new search after the update, but not before). First, my personal philosophy and that of this company is that we are here to solve the hard problems for our customers. That's literally our job. Sometimes, we maybe take that too much to heart and then relate to our customers that something is hard in a way that can seem dismissive. That isn't an attempt to absolve us of responsibility, it is just us being human and indicating that there is real difficulty around something.

Some people tell us we should soften that communication, but it's just our way of being honest and transparent, not us "throwing our hands up" at it. There are real challenges in free text search related to our volume of data, the speed with which we can test new algorithms on that data and the depth to which we can test every use case. Those are our problems, but please rest assured that though we may admit they are challenges, that we look at challenges as opportunities to be awesome even if they sometimes take a bit more time.

If you see any more searches going awry please email details to me at and CC support - if you can email me the search term *and* the thread you expected to find (but didn't) that would be awesome because it lets me close the loop. I know that puts more burden on you to know what you are looking for, but I suspect you often do and are using the search to bubble it up. Either way, an email saying search term "x y z" should return something is good enough, but a sample missed post will let us really nail it down.


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