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PostPosted: 2019-04-17 1:07 pm    Post subject:

((This application has been unanimously endorsed! Subsequently, a Letter of Acceptance will be sent to the applicant - via in-game, IC mail - to arrange their Intake Meeting!))

Edit: ((Sent!))

PostPosted: 2019-04-17 12:38 pm    Post subject:

The Office of the Dean also gladly endorses this application!

Caniell Lyca
PostPosted: 2019-04-17 3:14 am    Post subject:

The Department of Fine Arts gladly endorses this application!

PostPosted: 2019-04-17 12:26 am    Post subject: App: Ogumel/Sidda

The application submitted by Ogumel/Sidda is as follows:

Part 1 - OOC Questions

What is your character's name, as it appears on the Character Selection screen? Please include any accented characters exactly as they appear.:

Are you over 18? (We may make an exception for younger players, but due to mature/adult themes presented in some of our storylines/RP activity, an OOC interview is required!):

How long have you played WoW? Would you consider yourself a more casual or hardcore player, in terms of activity?:
I have played World of Warcraft since September 2005. I would describe myself as between casual and hardcore currently, based on activity.

Can you tell us a little about your roleplaying experience? Do you have a preferred style?:
I have been roleplaying since I've been introduced to it a few months into the Fall of the Lich King patch. I prefer group RP but I do what I can to remain flexible.

Please tell us a little about your previous guild experience. Have you ever been a guild leader or officer?:
I have been an officer and guild leader in five different guilds, three that I remember clearly. I have only been in one other RP guild, while the others were raiding guilds.

Are you new to Wyrmrest Accord (US)? If not, what other roleplay guilds have you belonged to on WrA?:
I am not new to Wyrmrest Accord, as I have been on the server since before the Legion expansion. I have only been in one other roleplay guild, <Dragonsworn Council>.

Why would you like to join our guild and roleplay with us? What makes a guild atmosphere "good" for you?:
I would like to join because I have found the guild's story and RP atmosphere interesting and similar to the roleplay atmosphere I'm used to. What makes a guild atmosphere "good" in my opinion is when it is an open and friendly atmosphere, where the difference between IC and OOC is understood.

Is this character an alt, or a main? We strongly prefer mains. If it is an alt, how can you assure us that you'll be an active member?:
This character is one of my main RP characters and I am often on her.

Part 2 - RP Questions

What is your full name and title?:
Sidda Noctana

What race do you identify as? What is your "class"? ((If either or both of these are outside of the normal game mechanics, please elaborate and provide a brief explanation!)):
Female Human Rogue

What is your profession, and what academic subject would you like to teach? Can you tell us a little about your expertise with this subject?:
I have worked as a bartender and a cook at a tavern for several years, and would like to help out in Culinary. I have experience in preparing, cooking, and serving food and drink in a hygienic manner.

Why do you wish to be a professor at Stormwind University? What can you as an individual bring to our University community to make it better?:
I wish to be able to help the University out, as I have enjoyed working with professors that I have had a chance to meet already. I hope to be able to add to the Culinary department with the knowledge that I have picked up from working.

Please briefly describe a recent experience involving your profession or academic subject.:
My most recent experience was the last time I worked at my job in the Wyrmhearth. I arrived early to clean the kitchen and prepare and begin cooking food to serve to customers, and once I got that started I cleaned up the bar and worked serving food and drinks to customers, making sure everything remained at appropriate temperatures. Once my shift ended, I cleaned up the bar, kitchen, and used dishes, and stored away already cooked food away safely in a chill box.

How did you first discover Stormwind University? What interested you the most about us and led you to apply? :
I first learned about the University when I went to listen to the Literary Conclave one evening. I kept returning to each Conclave and started attending other public events and I have grown to really like the University. I wished to apply so that I could hopefully give back to the University and help, as well as continue learning new things too.

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