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PostPosted: 2022-02-10 11:50 am    Post subject:

This application was unanimously endorsed! As such, the applicant has had their intake meeting and has joined the guild.

Caniell Lyca
PostPosted: 2022-02-04 4:00 pm    Post subject:

The Department of Fine Arts endorses this application

PostPosted: 2022-01-24 1:39 pm    Post subject:

The Office of the Dean concurs with Humanoid Resources, subsequently endorsing this application provided the aforementioned suggestion can be agreed upon.

PostPosted: 2022-01-24 12:46 pm    Post subject:

The Humanoid Resources Department endorses this application, with the suggestion that the applicant may be employed as a classroom aide or assistant in the Magical Arts & Sciences tower and receive instruction at the same time from the Professors there on how to teach.

PostPosted: 2022-01-23 8:27 pm    Post subject: App: Sinnlybirb

The application submitted by Sinnlybirb is as follows:

Part 1 - Out-of-Character (OOC) Questions

What is your character's name, as it appears on the Character Selection screen? Please include any special characters exactly as they appear.:

Are you over 18? (We may make an exception for younger players, but due to mature/adult themes presented in some of our storylines/RP activity, an OOC interview is required!):

How long have you played WoW?:
I have been playing WoW since 2008, though of course, as with any player, doing the "Off and On" style.

Tell us a little about your roleplay experience- preferred styles, themes, etc.:
The thing I love most about RP is deliving into a character. The core of what makes them who they are and the ways they interact and bond with others. I like experimenting, pushing into themes that I'm not going to encoutner in the day to day and also adapt some real world emotions and feelings through a character to learn more about the world via walking in someone elses shoes.

Please tell us a little about your previous guild experience. Have you ever been a guild leader or officer?:
I've had a few different guilds over the years. I've done everything from just spending time as someone and enjoying company, running guilds both on retail WoW and GW2 for a large community of players with frequent events and have ended up an Officer a few times. I dislike seeking out those roles however and will only do it if directly asked to. I want to help. I don't want to try to be power hungry or grab at things.

Why would you like to join our guild and roleplay with us? What makes a guild atmosphere "good" for you?:
The first thing is that the character and Guild would be lining up. I wouldn't for example, want to have a character who's a paticularly vengenceful and active Illidari in a quiet fishing guild. I wanted to join the University since Darkiel and them, at least to me, would match really well! The reason I now REALLY want to join is just how friendly people seem, both ic'ly and ooc'ly. Hearing on the Discord about how much a sense of community everyone was fostering was what got me really excited.

Is this character an alt, or a main? We strongly prefer mains. If it is an alt, how can you assure us that you'll be an active member?:
Darkiel, despite being my newest character is quickly becoming my new main. Even if he wasn't, the amount of questions and themes I want to explore with him, as well as the friends that he's made, are ones that I don't want to get rid of in playing the character. If he did join up in the Guild, it'd be hard pressed to get rid of him.

Our monthly schedule is usually as follows: social rp every Tuesday, Literary Conclave twice a month on Thursdays, & Debate and Colloquium on the second and third Wednesdays, respectively. This is not including any storylines which may be ongoing. Do:
Unfortunatly, the question has cut off for me slightly. Due to being EU timezone and keeping late hours, I see myself being able to regularly make all of these dates!

Are you willing and able to assist before/during community events to keep them running smoothly? :
Of course!

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted via Discord by an officer to schedule an in-character intake meeting. Please leave your Discord tag below so that we may be able to reach out.:

Part 2 - In-Character (IC) Questions: Please answer from your character's point of view, as you would in roleplay!

What is your full name, title, and preferred pronouns?:
Darkiel - He/Him

What race & class do you identify as? ( If either of these are outside normal game mechanics, please elaborate with a brief explanation! We are more than open to exotic characters, and characters of either faction, and encourage creativity. ):
I am a Raven. I have had some forms of alchemy and magic infused into me to give me sapiance, though I am still what I am biologically. I don't know any magic yet, though wish to learn. I do not know if that is something I'm capable of or even if there has been any other biological mutations beyond what I have noticed, I'd apprecaite help in learning such!

What is your current profession?:
I currently do some bits of mercenary work for coin. Though that is just about all for the current time.

What position do you desire to fill at Stormwind University?:
I would like to begin studying to become a Professor.

Why do you wish to work for Stormwind University? What do you bring, as an individual, that will make our university better?:
I'm afraid that currently, it's only a passion for learning and an eagerness to better myself that I can bring. I am open minded, for obvious reasons, and want to help others that have similar passions for knowledge as myself.

What relevant experience do you have for this position? Please describe a recent situation that would apply.:
Whilst I of course, have no experience. I have been sapiant for just a year and in the world for a week, I can say thatt I am trying to learn and be respectful. The most recent example of thing I can give is learning of the concept of gender identities. I am eager to see others embrace who they wish to be and am now much more accutely aware of trying to make sure that those I speak to are comfortable.

How did you first discover Stormwind University?:
At a recent community performance night. I arrived to hear Maureen Steele and Emmy performing "Raven's in the Library". For obvious reasons, the song spoke to me.

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