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PostPosted: 2020-09-23 4:04 pm    Post subject:

((This application is now CLOSED.  The applicant has found a different guild to join, thereby rendering this request no longer eligible for further consideration at this time.))

PostPosted: 2020-09-18 9:30 pm    Post subject: App: Wriall

The application submitted by Wriall is as follows:

Part 1 - Out-of-Character (OOC) Questions

What is your character's name, as it appears on the Character Selection screen? Please include any accented characters exactly as they appear.:

Are you over 18? (We may make an exception for younger players, but due to mature/adult themes presented in some of our storylines/RP activity, an OOC interview is required!):

How long have you played WoW? Would you consider yourself a more casual or hardcore player, in terms of activity?:
About 8-9 years. Everything I do in WoW has to do with new content or roleplay, so I don't do new raids or PVP much. I would consider myself a casual player because of this, but I'm an active RPer.

Can you tell us a little about your roleplaying experience? Do you have a preferred style?:
I've roleplayed since WoD, but I've never been good at serious RP, mostly doing lighthearted and/or crime stuff.

Please tell us a little about your previous guild experience. Have you ever been a guild leader or officer?:
I haven't been a guild leader or officer for any guild that got very large or lasted very long, so I virtually have not.

Are you new to Wyrmrest Accord (US)? If not, what other roleplay guilds have you belonged to on WrA?:
I'm not new to WRA, I've been here Legion. On alts I've been in Easteye and the SCW, those being the only guilds of note I was in.

Why would you like to join our guild and roleplay with us? What makes a guild atmosphere "good" for you?:
I've always thought the SWU is cool, but they've never been recruiting when I had a character to join. I like the activity of the guild, and that's something I like a guild to have.

Is this character an alt, or a main? We strongly prefer mains. If it is an alt, how can you assure us that you'll be an active member?:
This character is technically an alt, but I only have up to 3 alts at a time that I cycle through maining. Right now I have only 2 active RP characters, and I'll be able to divide my team between them evenly.

Our usual event schedule is as follows: weekly events every Tuesday and Thursday, and an event on both the second and third Wednesday of every month, all at 7pm Server Time. Does your schedule allow for regular attendance to these events?:

Our community events are a team effort. Are you willing to assist before and/or during events, when available?:

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted via in-game mail to schedule an in-character interview. To speed up this process, please list what days of the week you are most likely to be free, if any.::
All of them

Part 2 - In-Character (IC) Questions

What is your full name and title?:
Cap'zielle Fogstrix

What race do you identify as? What is your "class"? ((If either or both of these are outside of the normal game mechanics, please elaborate and provide a brief explanation!)):
I am a Highborne Nephomancer! Nepho is the prefix for cloud, so I'm a Cloud Wizard, which is just a fancier Ice Wizard.

What is your profession, and what academic subject would you like to teach? Can you tell us a little about your expertise with this subject?:
I don't really have a profession, but I'd like to teach magic and cryomancy. I have studied magic for over a millenium, and I have experience teaching apprentices in Darnassus.

Why do you wish to be a professor at Stormwind University? What can you as an individual bring to our University community to make it better?:
I want to be a professor to collaborate with others to teach and learn more. I've sort of invented my own school of Cryomancy, so that's something I can offer.

Please briefly describe a recent experience involving your profession or academic subject.:
I fought in Darkshore using my magic.

How did you first discover Stormwind University? What interested you the most about us and led you to apply? :
I discovered them at the job fair. It sounds like a lot of intelligent people work there, so I applied to see if I could have a position with them.

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