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PostPosted: 2020-05-28 7:13 pm    Post subject:

((This application has been unanimously endorsed! Subsequently, a Letter of Acceptance will be sent to the applicant - via in-game, IC mail - to arrange their Intake Meeting!))

((EDIT: Sent!))

Caniell Lyca
PostPosted: 2020-05-26 7:28 pm    Post subject:

The Department of Fine Arts endorses this application!

Vela Anklaris
PostPosted: 2020-05-25 2:37 pm    Post subject:

The Department of General Studies chooses to endorse this application.

PostPosted: 2020-05-22 9:17 pm    Post subject:

The Office of the Dean endorses this application.

Emmy Bluefire
PostPosted: 2020-05-22 9:04 pm    Post subject:

The Department of Magical Arts and Sciences endorses this application!

PostPosted: 2020-05-21 8:15 pm    Post subject: App: Platsinum

The application submitted by Platsinum is as follows:

Part 1 - OOC Questions

What is your character's name, as it appears on the Character Selection screen? Please include any accented characters exactly as they appear.:

Are you over 18? (We may make an exception for younger players, but due to mature/adult themes presented in some of our storylines/RP activity, an OOC interview is required!):

How long have you played WoW? Would you consider yourself a more casual or hardcore player, in terms of activity?:
I am from classic days and I'm more of a mid grounder...

Can you tell us a little about your roleplaying experience? Do you have a preferred style?:
I have been roleplaying since wrath? I believe...The third expansion, I am again a mid grounder regarding the roleplaying style

Please tell us a little about your previous guild experience. Have you ever been a guild leader or officer?:
One or twice an officer is what i was best at though

Are you new to Wyrmrest Accord (US)? If not, what other roleplay guilds have you belonged to on WrA?:
somewhat new actually and no other roleplay guilds i can recall

Why would you like to join our guild and roleplay with us? What makes a guild atmosphere "good" for you?:
Well for starters you seem very organized and i created a roleplay character based solely around this idea and...I thought this would be a good start And the more i looked into this the more i like it

Is this character an alt, or a main? We strongly prefer mains. If it is an alt, how can you assure us that you'll be an active member?:
Its GOING to be my main for a while Cause...its a mecha gnome, I grinded so long just for that...

Our usual event schedule is as follows: weekly events every Tuesday and Thursday, and an event on both the second and third Wednesday of every month, all at 7pm Server Time. Does your schedule allow for regular attendance to these events?:

Our community events are a team effort. Are you willing to assist before and/or during events, when available?:
of course

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted via in-game mail to schedule an in-character interview. To speed up this process, please list what days of the week you are most likely to be free, if any.::
7 days a week usually

Part 2 - RP Questions

What is your full name and title?:
platinum radspark "ex intern professor"

What race do you identify as? What is your "class"? ((If either or both of these are outside of the normal game mechanics, please elaborate and provide a brief explanation!)):
mecha gnome/Scholar
I am a hunter though I call myself a scholar as I try my best to focus on engineering and archeology and professions and things like that

What is your profession, and what academic subject would you like to teach? Can you tell us a little about your expertise with this subject?:
Currently I am working as a freelance engineer And studying archaeology
I would like to teach vehicle mechanics or the progress of technology
and I Was a quite a mechanic back in...The rebellion...and also I've been studying research sites

Why do you wish to be a professor at Stormwind University? What can you as an individual bring to our University community to make it better?:
(I created this character with everything this guild has in mind then it showed itself to me and so i decided i would try out) I can Simply bring what everyone else brings my own set of wisdom and intelligence knowledge And service

Please briefly describe a recent experience involving your profession or academic subject.:
I had a foray with unearthing fossil's in the nearby section of the stormwind territory's of duskwood

How did you first discover Stormwind University? What interested you the most about us and led you to apply? :
I saw A add for one of your public events and I was looking for a guild that would look for someone like me...And then you showed up

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