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PostPosted: 2020-03-09 5:39 am    Post subject:

((This application has been unanimously endorsed! Subsequently, a Letter of Acceptance will be sent to the applicant - via in-game, IC mail - to arrange their Intake Meeting!))

Edit: Sent!

Caniell Lyca
PostPosted: 2020-03-07 2:42 am    Post subject:

The Department of Fine Arts endorses this application!

Vela Anklaris
PostPosted: 2020-03-06 12:10 am    Post subject:

The Office of General Studies endorses this application.

Nazgo'rak the Blasphemer
PostPosted: 2020-03-05 5:48 pm    Post subject:

Nazgo'rak the Blasphemer endorses this application!  ...Eh?  Nobody asked for my opinion!?  Well I never!  Gah!  I'm just trying to fit in here!  ...Oh.  I see.  It is for the department leaders to decide such matters.  O-Of course I knew that, I was merely stating my opinion, obviously!

Regardless, see you soon I'm sure, applicant.  Best of luck.

Emmy Bluefire
PostPosted: 2020-03-04 2:15 pm    Post subject:

The Department of Magical Arts and Sciences endorses this application!

PostPosted: 2020-03-04 2:04 pm    Post subject:

The Office of the Dean endorses this application.

PostPosted: 2020-03-04 12:59 am    Post subject: App: Keshina

The application submitted by Keshina is as follows:

Part 1 - OOC Questions

What is your character's name, as it appears on the Character Selection screen? Please include any accented characters exactly as they appear.:

Are you over 18? (We may make an exception for younger players, but due to mature/adult themes presented in some of our storylines/RP activity, an OOC interview is required!):

How long have you played WoW? Would you consider yourself a more casual or hardcore player, in terms of activity?:
I'm a veteran WoW player. Started playing since Burning crusade. I'd say I'm more casual but while I do partake in some light raiding. I find myself playing more for Roleplaying

Can you tell us a little about your roleplaying experience? Do you have a preferred style?:
I've several years of Roleplaying experience across various characters. I've dabbled in various character types and personalities.

Please tell us a little about your previous guild experience. Have you ever been a guild leader or officer?:
For the past few years I have been relatively guildless for awhile. The last guild I was a part of when I played more on the Moon Guard Server. However, my former Guildmaster from my last guild can still be reached for further references.

Are you new to Wyrmrest Accord (US)? If not, what other roleplay guilds have you belonged to on WrA?:
Nope. I've always had a presence on the server since it opened in Wotlk.

Why would you like to join our guild and roleplay with us? What makes a guild atmosphere "good" for you?:
Honestly, just people who are kind, courteous, and are all simply looking to have fun and fuel our creative juices wherever that may lead. After all we are all here to forget about the real world just a little bit.

Is this character an alt, or a main? We strongly prefer mains. If it is an alt, how can you assure us that you'll be an active member?:
I'd definitely call her a main. She among the one to two characters I do regularly play in WoW in general.

Part 2 - RP Questions

What is your full name and title?:
Vindicator Keshina, or Anchroite.

What race do you identify as? What is your "class"? ((If either or both of these are outside of the normal game mechanics, please elaborate and provide a brief explanation!)):
A Draenei, as far as the Class, I suppose you can call it a Paladin, Vindicator and the like. When it comes to combat, she's not afraid to jump into the fray.

What is your profession, and what academic subject would you like to teach? Can you tell us a little about your expertise with this subject?:
Alchemy. Keshina for the longest time has dedicated her time in applying the trade of natural sciences. That takes the shape of taking what nature provide, and seeing what you can create with it.

And of course, as old as she is, and witnessing many of the events that have defined the Draenei over the years. She's longed to ensure some form of their History on Argus is preserved.

Why do you wish to be a professor at Stormwind University? What can you as an individual bring to our University community to make it better?:
Simply put, Keshina wishes to step back from her role as a war maker. As a Paladin, fighting in the Alternate Dreanor, dealing with the Legion invasion and of course the 4th War, seeing the peace as a window to take a step back from war and focus on more...beneficial pursuits.

Please briefly describe a recent experience involving your profession or academic subject.:
In the final days of the war with the Legionn, Keshi had the chance to see her place of birth once more in Argus, and with the Capital of Mac'aree still intact, she saw this as a chance to recover, preserve and save what records of their people she could.

How did you first discover Stormwind University? What interested you the most about us and led you to apply? :
Through a friend who's played with the University often enough times.

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