Welcome to Stormwind University!

Teachers, students, researchers, explorers, and heroes of the Alliance and Horde: Welcome to the hallowed halls of our University! Whether you're here to learn, to share your knowledge, or both, you will become an important part of continuing a grand tradition! Join us in our quest to foster and spread the light of knowledge and understanding throughout all of Azeroth and beyond!

((Stormwind University is a Neutral-faction, Academic-themed, Heavy role-playing guild on the Epsilon private server - formerly of Wyrmrest Accord-US.))

Public Events

To Join:

Prior to submitting an application, please understand that we only accept characters intent on being a Faculty / Staff Member; the Student rank is presently unavailable to first-time applicants and new members.

Next, read the documents in the Rules and Policies section of the forums.

Finally, click Apply to Guild to register an account and complete an IC and OOC application.  This application will be auto-posted to our forums, and approved once we've had a chance to review it.  You may also be asked to complete a short in-game interview.

If you have any questions, feel free to whisper these senior members in-game!

  • Amaranthaea / Mamaranthaea - the Dean of the University
  • Caniell - Department Head, Fine Arts
  • Maurien / Goodsteele - Department Head, Humanoid Resources 

University News

Guild News

No News Is Currently Available

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